Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Rising Force in the Eastern Hemisphere-September 10,2011

An era had begun in the new millennium,imparting in the developing half of the globe,a feeling of vigour and ecstasy,
To challenge the invincible,with the collapse of the West's economic supremacy;
Plagued by terrorism,which promoted the adoption of stringent safety measures that were meant,
To lead to outsourcing of jobs to the Orient;
The American dream was not worth hankering after,
When equally good and more fulfilling opportunities lay ahead at home,rather;
Where the heart truly wanted to be,
With more for oneself to feel and see;
For the home-bound expatriate,having migrated yonder,
Absence from home made the heart grow fonder.

The upheaval in the Dark Continent was against tyranny,
And the extermination of the world's most undesirable in a British colony;
Amidst political instability in a gerontocracy,that led to vulnerability,
To terrorism,nepotism and corruption,apart from hi-tech scams that amounted to felony;
A crusader had emerged to combat,with the support of many a citizen,
Whose abstinence from food and drink led to the Gandhian change we wished to see in our countrymen;
For progress,prosperity,security and equality in society,
And freedom from the clutches of tainted politicians and from bureaucracy.

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