Thursday, June 16, 2011

With humour and wit,mind it!-June 16,2011

Once upon a time in independent India, a boy was born in Bangalore,
To Maharashtrian parents of Tamil ancestry, who never knew for him,that success and laurels beckoned galore;
Who never knew what fate had in store for him,
Despite the fact that it seemed dim;
But he proved things wrong, making ends meet as a bus conductor,
With his inimitable mannerisms, he arose as an actor,
First in theatre and then in cinema,
After being rechristened by his mentor, he became an enigma!
His popularity with the masses rose with time, which he could not while (away),
Because of his humility, genuine nature and ability to act in all genres with style (that was there to stay);
The 'punch dialogues' and the amazing, Newtonian flick of the cigarette,
On messing with him, getting kicked in the air was what the goons would get!
He became the messiah of the proletariat against the cruel socialists, in a society rampant with corruption,
Even with hi-tech humanoids to save and help the world's population;
He's well-known,apart from South of the Vindhyas, in the land of the Rising Sun,
Even in other parts of India and the globe, his stunts and dialogues can stun!
Jokes apart,come whatever may,
He's on the way to a speedy recovery in the abode of the Merlion, which is the news of today!

Merely mentioning his name can make one shiver, what do you say?
Unmatched in power and status as the leader, he commands respect in his way (his own,unique way!)

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Himalayas-June 10,2011

Towering above the Indian plains,
Lies the mighty Himalayan range;
Whose ecosystem is fragile and susceptible to change.
Formed as fold mountains from mere alluvium,
They’re relatively young, compared to the basaltic Gondwanaland which had existed for more than a millennium.
From the valley of Kashmir and the rainshadow region of Leh,
Perennial rivers originate and cascade their own way.
Amidst tributaries and distributaries, religious fervour at confluences,
There’s serenity at pristine locales in the high reaches;
Along with snow-capped peaks,
When illuminated by the rays of the sun at dawn, they cannot be described by any word one speaks.
From apple orchards and handicrafts,
To verdant territories and scenic rivers with rafts;
And the influence of Buddhism,
With monks, monasteries in ample;
Hardy mountain-dwellers being represented as a microcosm,
Tenzing Norgay, who made it to the summit of the highest peak on earth, is a shining example.
Truly, lakes and caves thrive in God’s abode,
Where both savage and sage aspire to visit, despite the relative absence of rail or road.