Tuesday, August 2, 2011

F.R.I.E.N.D.S,dost,amies,amigos....:-)- August 1,2011

Friendship is a barometer of success in life,
Behind every successful man, there'll be many enemies, but only one inspiring wife;
Who has to be his best friend for life-his true companion,
But friendship isn't merely restricted to marital love;
Trust, compatibility of interests, altruism and above all, acceptance of differences are attributes of a successful union,
Which can be extended to platonic interactions as well;
Friendship sans romance is the best, but only time can tell,
Whether the transition from stranger to acquaintance to friend, is genuinely for the person, or for the benefits;
When you feel betrayed, in your face the reality really hits,
Because they are fair weather friends of the first order;
The affinity one has, with betrayal in trust, is replaced with sadness and hatred on the border.

One ought to choose one's friends carefully and be nice to all,
But should not be susceptible to flattery or be gullible to backstabbers, lest one should fall;
Difficult to form and even more difficult to break,
Since friendship is essential for a social animal, one ought to learn to be one's honest best, for any other's sake!

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  1. nice one bro.....and really true lines that one should be beware of "fair-weather friends"