Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The luminosity of success

For the average person, success may seem elusive,
Sans hard work and persistence, who can live?
Not even the crème de la crème, who have to slog day and night,
At least for the bread to be consumed by the family, which they have to give;
The struggle for existence is like a battle, where one must prove oneself competent to fight;

Success and failure are optional;
In this noisy, competitive world, one shouldn't remain in the lull,
Of ignorance and mediocrity, as each one of us has traits which are unique;
One ought to follow one's heart, even if one is meek,
Lest one should miss out on opportunities one can seek;
In life, one ought to have fixed goals,
They ought to remain a challenge, not a piece of cake, such as a trip to the Poles;
One ought to decide, whether to stay at home and enjoy with one's family,
Or whether to dare to move outside one's comfort zone and experience the big, bad world that's there to see;
Being within one's cocoon is hard to resist,
Unless, to go afar, one wishes to persist;
Even if it is to keep up with the Joneses,
To the individual who is passionate about her/his endeavors, success will be hers or his.

Success is manifested as different things for different people;
For many, it is money and fame;
For a few, it is having listened to the inner voice and having trodden a different path without regrets,
Ensuring that unlike others, they aren't the same;
As the secret of success lies behind the endless toil,
Which is done with love, with a positive feeling that plans won't foil.

Legend has it that a prince was forced to leave his kith and kin for fourteen years;
Confined in exile in the woods,
He confronted his fears,
And proved himself a righteous individual;
Upon returning home, he was proclaimed a hero,
Because he was not afraid to take risks for a selfless act,
Which can be established as a fact,
That success shouldn't blind us;
We should celebrate the triumph of truth, awareness over oblivion and good over evil, without any fuss.

Manifested as visible radiation and waves of sound,
The luminosity and decibels of the occasion will ensure that the Lord of Darkness will be found.

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