Friday, February 25, 2011

Vegetarianism and animal cruelty.Dedicated to vegetarians/those against animal cruelty. P.S-Am a lacto-ovo-vegetarian

Vegetarianism seems to be the fad of the day,
Not adhering to Mother Nature,we'll have a hefty price to pay;
Animals are cruelly raised on factory farms,so dark that there's penetration of hardly a ray,
Shifted into cages,like prisoners,they too have feelings,which they can hardly express or say!
For they're unfortunate,there's no other way,
Except to be processed into meat and stuffed like hay;
Or being slaughtered,tortured with hormonal injections,come whatever may,
Their misery is pitiable,so much for even a hen to lay;
Cruelty imparted towards animals is ubiquitous,from the farm to the bay,
The least we can do is to be aware about the hazards imparted,that can take our physical,mental and spiritual well-being away;

Whether to the environment or to one's health,consumption of meat is not okay,
Ask anyone who'd like to consume a product that's generally in a condition of decay!
If voraciously consumed by gluttons,animal species have not much to stay,
Depletion of animal species and cruelty to animals are reasons for which we need to find,for survival and existence,another way;

Having the will,not merely for a religious cause,we'll know whether our food comes with or without a face,
So that we can choose to ethically treat animals,love them as our kith and kin,and quit the meat-eating race.

(Feb 2011)

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