Saturday, February 12, 2011

Heartbreak- by me during VIT's annual cultural fest Riviera-poetry and creative writing

A complicated emotion is heartbreak,
In the pursuit of frivolous love,we suffer for its sake;
The precursor of heartbreak is love,
Which should inspire us to soar to great heights like a dove;
But sadly,we fall like a killed pigeon,
And suffer like a prisoner trapped in a dungeon;
True love,as a feeling, is misunderstood,
It brings joy and nourishes us like food;
But it is complicated by the addition of expectation from the other,
So much for the first love we suffer, that we cannot love another;
Love in every form surrounds us,it is ubiquitous,
Because on equating love and lust,we create a fuss;
Find love in all living entities,in God,in Nature,
Yet we fail to recognize true love that can nurture;
Romeo and Juliet's love was unrequited,
That means for true love, it's not necessary to be committed.

However,in a relationship,commitment needs to be abided by,
Not respecting the other leads to regrets and heartbreak;
True love,without heartbreak,is like a butterfly,
In its pursuit,we realize it is evasive and fake;
But heartbreak doesn't happen like a dangerous boulder,
When we self-introspect and be patient and dutiful,true love comes to us when the butterfly sits on our shoulder.

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