Monday, September 21, 2015

The farmer's tale

Here's the Indian farmer, who's overlooked by someone employed in another sector;
Success on reaping a good harvest is sweet, just like nectar!
He's the breadwinner of his family, but doesn't realize he indirectly gives us our daily bread,
Without which many would not be well fed;
They would not be at peace while going to bed,
Some things are better left unsaid;

He has many mouths to feed,
And has to sow many a seed;
Hunger has to be appeased, by food which is a basic need;
Rain or sun, he has to toil,
And he remains a true son of the soil;
He has to feed all, irrespective of color or creed,
And is oblivious to the landholder's greed;

Deprived of support, cultivation can be affected by just a weed,
To which others pay no heed;
Dependence on middlemen is for sales,
But no one has time to listen to his woe-filled tales,
Of borrowed money as a loan;
Taking his own life seems to be the only option, leaving us with many a bone.

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