Sunday, February 12, 2012

Green over red

This is the fast-paced era of worry and haste,
Playing God shouldn’t interfere with taste,
And nutritional value, of dire need during the period of recession;
As there’s disparity, which makes it difficult to realize a vision,
Of happiness, which is a relative concept;
It takes a lot of effort to satisfy the needy,
And the same, if not more, for the few who are greedy;

Therefore we ought to provide something for the generations to come,
And not usurp exhaustible resources mindlessly without leaving behind some;
Sustainable development is the only probable panacea,
For giving back what we owe our descendants so that they can see;
For combating unusual seasonal variations, which can also result due to pollution,
Knowing about the solution is easy, but it’s not so for the execution;
 It begins from within, a deep desire to change for the better,
Even a small step taken by each of the seven billion inhabitants of this planet,
Towards recognizing the wonders of Mother Nature, whose requirements man hasn’t met.
At his own cost, ignoring the five elements that have sustained him in the past,
But whom he has to sustain in return, if they don’t last. 


  1. Very well written..Love the pics!! :)

  2. Thanks Divya. Actually, I clicked pics of a paper bag, which I made during Riviera'10.